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Obras traduzidas

When I was the castle scribe

When I was the castle scribe.jpg

This book contains five independent stories that have something in common; themes and situations that are parto f the art of writing fiction. Each story is situated in a diferente place, which can be the city of São Paulo, Southern Portugal, the South of Spain, the Amazon Forest, or the small French town of Sucy-em-Brie on the outskirts of Paris.

These narratives convey the reader to various periods in history: the 20th Century, the Renaissance, the Middle Ages, and time when the first Portuguese colonizers arrived in Brazil and made contact with indigenous peoples.

Although these five stories are based on the Author’s experiencies, while residing at the places in question, they are always immersed in the subtle and surreal dimensions of the literary world, recreated in an unusual way, throughout each chapter in the book.

This book received very favorable comments from literary critics, in the major São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro newspapers.


When I was the castle scribe






Translation by
Raymond J. Ward



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